The Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a local organization of businesses and companies in Pokhara with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Nepal. Many businesses are international operating companies with offices in Nepal.

Members of a Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as lawyers, property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, IT and electronics manufacturers etc.

Chambers of Commerce main activities are, among others, safeguarding business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests, contact with governments, civil society, local media and the press and organizing trade shows and events.

The Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the Founding Member of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

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What can PCCI do for you ?

As the recognized voice of Pokhara business, PCCI POKHARA represents the business sector in a number of government bodies tasked to implement various policy and support program.
The Chamber’s opinion is likewise eagerly sought by the country’s top leaders even on non-economic matters affecting national interest.
Membership in committees is a privilege granted only to PCCI POKHARA members. Involvement in PCCI POKHARA committees keeps one abreast of the issues and concerns besetting various industries or sectors. Here, one gets the chance to directly influence the decision-making processes within the chamber, which shapes PCCI POKHARA’s positions/actions on local and international economic issues.
To ensure transparency in government pursuant to Section of the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Executive, PCCI POKHARA also participates as observer in bids and awards of various government agencies.
The PCCI POKHARA regularly receives foreign trade missions. Depending on the area of interest of these visiting businessmen, PCCI POKHARA is able to identify members meeting the requirements of the mission and they are invited to one-on-one meetings to explore possible tie-ups. PCCI POKHARA continually seeks out potential local and foreign business and trading partners through:

Inbound/Outbound Trade Missions. PCCI POKHARA regularly sends and receives trade missions and delegations to or from different countries and international institutions. These missions aim at exploring possible tie-ups or in fulfillment of pre-existing bilateral agreements with other countries, foreign organizations or counterpart bilateral councils. These visits and bilateral exchanges are fertile sources of contacts from which significant joint ventures grow.
The Chamber also has a wide network of trade and industry associations which serve as sounding board on issues and concerns of their respective industries / sectors.
The PCCI POKHARA regularly receives trade, business and research inquiries from all over the world. Most of these inquiries come from companies which are either looking for suppliers and buyers or business tie-ups. Through the PCCI POKHARA’s system of trade opportunities referral, these foreign business inquiries are matched with local counterparts from PCCI POKHARA’s database for possible trade partnership.

PCCI POKHARA members may also avail of this service when looking for buyers and suppliers, both local and foreign. PCCI POKHARA provides the following venues to access business opportunities:
Through PCCI POKHARA’s extensive links with various local and international government and private institutions such as the HWK Mainz Germany, FNCCI, International Labor Organization, UNICEF, IPEC, World Education, MARCO POLO, CACCI, etc.



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