Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) was founded on 25 Magh, 2011 BS (February 1955) to serve the cause of trade and social service in Pokhara as Pokhara Byapar Sangh (Merchant Association of Pokhara). PCCI is a non-profit managing autonomous representative organization of the Kaski District business community founded to protect the community’s rights and interests.

In the Kaski district, PCCI has evolved into a vibrant and result-oriented platform for trade, industry, tourism, and the environment, as well as health, education, and infrastructure development. It has made a substantial contribution to the economic, social, cultural, and educational development of Kaski in order to protect the rights, interests, and privileges of its members and business community.

PCCI has played an important role in the growth and promotion of trade, industry, and tourism in the district since its creation. It has also contributed significantly to the social, cultural, and educational development of Kaski District in particular, as well as the country’s economic well-being in general.

 Objectives of Organization:

  • To develop, protect and promote the rights and interest of the business community and personnel
  • To organize training, seminars, interaction programs, meetings and programs for development and management of the different business and industrial institutions
  • To coordinate and communicate between the similar nature national and international chambers and organizations
  • To run the discussion program and collect suggestions and feedbacks for the policies and guidelines related to Commercial and Industrial Act by Nepal Government
  • To mediate with the business person, to provide the certificate of origin to the products produced here in this area
  • To circulate the news, notices to the Business houses and create the good business environment
  • To advocate and facilitate for the overall economic development of Pokhara